The rent potential

We will give you a rental value on your property and advise what is needed to maximise its potential rental value.

How the property will be marketed

The property will be marketed on the Jenya Properties website as well as on the ASPC website.

Letters will be sent out to all the relocation agencies that are familiar with the high quality of houses available from Jenya Properties and the service offered by us.

How your property is best presented

To maximise the impact on the tenant looking at your property it must be presented in a way that has that “wow” feel to it.

Jenya has the expertise to help with this.

house graphic

Finding the best potential tenant for your property

We use the following process to ensure we find the best potential tenant for your property:

  • looking at your particular situation and your specific requirements.
  • conducting reference, background and credit checks on potential tenants to help establish that they will be a responsible tenant.
  • presenting a full profile of the tenant so that you can decide whether they meet your expectations.
  • ensuring that tenancy leases and contractual work is completed to requirements and BTL standards.

Your Insurance and mortgage requirements

You will need to inform your insurance and mortgage companies that the house being rented out. This is a standard requirement.

Your responsibilities as a landlord

In order to rent out your property, you must register as a landlord if you have not already done through the local council and we can supply the necessary forms.