24th July 2015 *** Offshore Europe Special Offer ***

offshore europe special

Offshore Europe 2015 Special

Finding accommodation for Offshore Europe can be tough - and finding accommodation at a reasonable price becomes tougher the closer the event gets. Currently we are offering a rare special offer - we are offering one of the properties we usually only have available on long term lease for the four nights of Offshore Europe 2015 for £4,000 on a serviced apartment basis. Located in a beautiful, highly desireable part of Aberdeen, the property is located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac and benefits from its own large, private garden with an outdoor entertaining area - perfect for Offshore Europe guests.

23rd July 2015 - 9 Reasons to Rent Rather than Buy

pinecrest circle lounge gas fireplace - rent a property

Lounge at Pinecrest Circle - Bieldside - Aberdeen


Buying property in the UK can be an expensive endeavour. House prices in the North East of Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and major English cities are generally high, though those in the North East of Scotland are not thought to be rising as quickly as they previously were due to the current oil price issues. For many, buying a house will be the biggest financial outlay they ever make during the course of their lives. Most will require a mortgage and will need a deposit before they can apply. Even though you will almost certain need to produce a deposit for a leased or rented property, it is unlikely to be anything like as much as the deposit you will need to buy.

Standard & Size of Property

When you buy a property, you will be limited to the style, size and location that you can afford. Renting may well mean that you can afford something with amenities you could only dream of if you buy - for example, the house may come with its own large, and tended, garden, or, in some cases, it may even have a pool. In other words, your disposable income may bring you better value for money when you lease rather than buy a house or apartment.

Tied Down

Becoming the owner of a property, however big or small, ultimately means that you become more tied to one place. When you're renting, or leasing, you can give notice and move if you find the area doesn't suit you, the house or apartment isn't as good a 'fit' for you as you'd thought it would be, transport links turn out to be poorer than anticipated, or you're next door to someone you'd really rather not be. When you own the property, there are bigger time constraints to moving, and certainly financial constraints to moving early with a property to sell, a new one to find, and all the legal costs that accompany both.


Once you become the proud owner of your own home, you also become the not-so-proud-owner of any maintenance costs and tasks associated with the property. When you move in, everything is likely to work perfectly, but when the boiler breaks down in the middle of November, it will be you calling the plumber and waiting until he/she can get to you and then footing the bill for the associated costs. As a tenant, your landlord will have the worry of the costs and may have preferential arrangements with trusted tradesmen who can prioritise the repair.


Many professionals are required to be mobile, available to move to a new location with a change of position within the company. Similarly, many professionals change their job or role reasonably frequently in their careers as they progress up the career ladder. Often this will mean relocating to a new city, or even a new country. As mentioned above in Tied Down, it's generally far simpler and quicker to 'up-sticks' and move when you're renting than it is if you have a house or apartment to sell, and potentially far less costly.

Freedom to 'Get Away from it All'

Some will be able to afford to, and will want to, take a career break and see more of the world. Again, if you're in a leased property, it's so much easier to do this than it is if you own your own home, though it is certainly possible to opt to rent out your own home as a way of getting round this restriction if you're likely to return to the same place once your 'itchy feet' have passed.

Getting on the Property Ladder

The price of property in the UK, particularly in expensive locations like Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and large English cities, is quite simply out of reach for some. Renting, or leasing property, can be an option - at least whilst saving for a deposit.


Actually getting a mortgage is nowhere near as easy as it was with the introduction of more stringent testing to ensure that future mortgage holders will be able to pay back what they have borrowed.

Safety in Numbers

Many, particularly younger, people choose the option of sharing an apartment or a house. They benefit from the shared rent and utility bills and it's more sociable than living alone. Whilst it is possible to buy a house or apartment with a friend, or indeed several friends, it's nowhere near as easy to organise as renting or leasing a property together is, and it can be fraught with difficulties if there is a 'falling out' or one of the parties needs to suddenly move.

As you can see, leasing or renting a property certainly does have its own appeal. If you're considering leasing a house, take a look at 10 Pinecrest Circle in Bieldside, Aberdeen. A beautiful property in a well-sought-after location within the Cults Primary & Cults Academy catchment areas, it is set at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac with a fully enclosed garden and forest views. This beautiful family home is decorated in neutral tones with high quality modern furniture, and benefits from gas central heating and double glazing, integrated double garage with electric door and security alarm system. Contact us for further information and to arrange a viewing.

15th May 2015 - Jenya Properties Launches LinkedIn Company Page

Jenya Properies' Company LinkedIn Page

Our new company page on LinkedIn is now up and running. Follow it for news and comments on what's going on in the property market, particularly the serviced apartments niche, our latest late availability, and our latest offers. Click the photo to visit, follow this link, or search for us on LinkedIn.

13th May 2015 - Book Direct for the Best Rates

We are delighted to announce that specially discounted rates apply to those booking their serviced apartment directly through our website. Serviced apartments in Aberdeen make an excellent alternative to staying in a hotel room, offering freedom, and lots of space to call your own.

Whether you're booking a serviced apartment in Aberdeen for your business trip and travelling alone or together with a business colleague, or you're visiting family, friends, or the beautiful city of Aberdeen for leisure purposes, Jenya Properties has an apartment to suit.

You can view the apartments themselves on our Serviced Apartments page and we'd like to remind our new visitors and returning customers alike that you can book a larger serviced apartment if you prefer. Rates and rooms available will adjust according to the number of people included on the booking.

Contact us through our website, our Facebook page, or our LinkedIn company page.

4th May 2015 - Hints & Tips - 3

In our series of Hints & Tips posts on Facebook, we have been looking at the advantages of staying in a serviced apartment. The series will feature all sorts of hints and tips about accommodation in the future. In the meantime, here is the next one in the series.

Why should I stay in a serviced apartment instead of a hotel or guest house? Reason no 1 – serviced apartments are spacious often having a separate living and dining area – so you’re not confined to one room as you mostly are in a hotel.

1st May 2015 - 'The Kelpies' by Louise Fraser wins our Easter Photo Competition

This stunning picture is the winning entry in our Easter Photo Competition. We are delighted to have had such interesting entries and hope Louise enjoys her free weekend away in one of our luxury serviced apartments.

original 40924ff5dcb45f5c905db1b00c22e221 the kelpies